Call and program

The Life Sciences are undergoing a revolution. Now that genomics and post-genomics enable us to describe biological processes comprehensively at various levels (e.g., genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome), a new paradigm has emerged: by integrating that data in computational frameworks, biological functions should now become understandable in terms of molecular players. This new paradigm is Systems Biology.
In similar ways industrial processes will become more predictable, precise, robust and competitive, also enabling synthetic biology.
The first Systems Biology and Systems Medicine School (1st SyBSyM Como School) at the prestigious “Lake Como School of Advanced Studies” and under the auspices of the Italian Academy of Sciences, is a full immersion course. Hands-on sessions explicating Systems Biology will enable participants to tackle complex networks of life in an operational way. Lectures will underpin these. And discussions of the students’ research projects, will show how the life sciences may now get their acts together.
With its International lecturers, SyBSyM provides a stimulating environment to PhD students, post docs, early career researches and industry researchers, alike. Participants will have the opportunity to present their results as posters. Every poster will be discussed with leading scientists.

School will last for 7 days, 5 whole days, 1 afternoon and 1 morning. There are 4 very intense practice sessions, spread over 4 afternoons. Students will be divided into two small groups of 20 people each. The intensity (and usefulness) of the courses will be considerable: you have to be very motivated.
Here it is the school program.


Sep 21, Sun

  • Jens Nielsen (1), Lecture 1: Systems biology of yeast metabolism and evolution (Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg)

Sep 22, Mon

  • Jonathan Karr, Integrative computational models (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NYC)
  • Lilia Alberghina, Systems biology of growth and the cell cycle, SYSBIO Italy (Univ. of Milano-Bicocca)

Sep 23, Tue

  • James Sharpe, Image-driven modelling of multicellular systems (CRG Barcelona)
  • Jens Nielsen (2) Lecture 2: Systems biology of cancer metabolism (Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg)

Sep 24, Wed

  • Richard Kitney, ISBE: an infrastructure for systems biology and systems medicine ISBE Coordinator (Imperial College London)
  • Walter Kolch CASyM, How to shape systems medicine? (CASyM Steering Committee, UCD Dublin)
  • Hans Westerhoff, Mapping the systems biology of multifactorial diseases (Univ. of Amsterdam, Univ. of Manchester)

Sep 25, Thu

  • Marco Vanoni, Signaling and metabolism (SYSBIO Italy, Univ. of Milano-Bicocca)
  • Matteo Barberis, Cell cycling and chromatin dynamics (University of Amsterdam)

Sep 26, Fri

  • Damjana Rozman, From healthy to fatty liver: a systems approach (University of Ljubljana)
  • Sampsa Hautaniemi, Analysis and Integration of Large-scale Molecular and Clinical Data in Cancers (University of Helsinki)

Sep 27, Sat

  • Rudi Balling, Systems biology of Parkinson’s disease (Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine)
  • Mikael Benson, Complex disease, omics maps and their clinical implementations (CASyM Steering Committee, University of Göteborg